What About Me?

Rule 11.03

Pursuant to local rule 11.03, if you have children ages 5 to 17 they will be required to attend the What About Me? Program. Parents are expected to bring their child(ren) with them for the What About Me session. The parents will attend their A - OK session and afterwards participate in What About Me with their child(ren).


The fee for attendance at said What About Me? session shall be thirty dollars ($30) per attendee. In most cases, a deposit was posted with the Clerk of Courts at the time the original pleadings were filed which included the cost of the What About Me? session. In the event your pending case was filed without posting a deposit with the Clerk or if the deposit has been exhausted, you will be required to pay $30 for each child to participate in What About Me? at the door on the date of your session. 

If you have a step-child(ren) you wish to participate in What About Me?, you will need to contact the Assignment Commissioner at 419-636-2644 or via email to have them registered. There will be a $30 fee, per child, to be paid at the door for any step-child(ren) you register to attend this program.


Attendance at What About Me? shall be mandatory. The Court may impose appropriate sanctions as in Rule 11.01 for failure to comply.