Records & Fees

Records requests for specific information can be fulfilled in person or by mail. To determine if a specific record is available, please call (419) 636-8253 or email: If you know the case number, volume, or page – please include this along with any specific name or originating department information. Also include names of individuals that are included in the document. This detailed information will assist in locating the specific record.

The Records Center has many historical records available for public access as well as current documents. If you need a birth certificate or death record issued after 1908, please contact the Williams County Health Department (419) 485-3141.

Some of the most commonly requested documents are;

  • Birth Records 1867 – 1908
  • Death Records 1867 – 1908
  • Naturalization Records 1860 – 1906
  • Marriage Records 1824 –
  • Divorce Records 1824 –

Costs associated with receiving copies of records are;

  • $ 7.00 Certified Marriage
  • $10.00 Certified Death or Birth
  • $ 3.00 Uncertified Death or Birth
  • $ 1.00 per page, Certified Clerk of Courts records (divorce records)
  • $ 0.20 per page, copies of all other records

The Records Center accepts cash, check, or money order. By contacting the Records Center in advance, staff can determine costs. When mailing in a detailed request please contact the records center in advance to determine the cost so you can send a check or money order for the correct amount. Also any mailed request must include a self addressed stamped envelope with the request so copies can be mailed back. It is beneficial to include an email address with the request so staff may contact you if there are any issues.